Upper Cervical Care, or Upper Cervical Chiropractic, is chiropractic care administered specifically to the upper cervical region on your spine (more commonly known as your upper neck). This region contains the Atlas and the Axis vertebrae, which are the vertebrae that support your skull and enable the wide range of motion your neck is afforded. This area is also the primary location for misalignments to occur.

Misalignments is the term used when a vertebra, joint, or other part of the body is no longer in its proper and natural position. A severe misalignment can present as a slipped disc with all associated symptoms while a minor misalignment may cause a slight postural change, headaches, back pain, and a variety of other symptoms and/or compensations. One of the major consequences of a misalignment is disrupted communication between the brain and the central nervous system (which is housed and protected by the spine)

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A misalignment can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Improper stance or standing posture

  • Poor sitting posture

  • Whiplash

  • Trauma or impact

  • Slip and fall

Our Upper Cervical Diagnosis and Treatment Approach

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We take an advanced state-of-the-art approach when diagnosing, treating, and correcting the spinal alignment of your upper cervical joint structure. Three dimensional digital x-rays are taken of your neck, upper cervical spine, and skull. These radiographic films are then analyzed to provide each patient with extremely precise measurements of the misalignments in their upper cervical spine.

The software we utilize to achieve this precision was developed by the Georgia Tech Engineering Department and provides measurement down to the one-hundredth of a degree along all three planes of motion (along the X, Y, and Z movement axis planes).

The final product of our analysis is a “blueprint” of the biomechanical misalignments that exist in your body. We then review the films with each patient and provide our professional interpretation to help explain exactly why you are experiencing the symptoms that caused you to seek our help.

Once we have an understanding of what is causing your problems, we develop a strategic plan of action for your treatment in order to correct your alignment issues and keep you healthy and well for the long run!

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Your Treatment Plan

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Immediately following your X-Ray interpretations and findings, we will then utilize a percussive sound wave adjustment to properly restore the alignment of your upper cervical region. This treatment process is called the Advanced Orthogonal Approach. Dr. Lambert is a Board Certified Advanced Orthogonist Practitioner and well respected in this field and treatment process.

A Sound Wave?

Because of the precise calculations of our x-ray analysis, the amount of force needed to restore proper alignment of these joints is so minimal that a sound wave, which the patient can’t even feel, is all the force that is needed to correct these joints.

Your Results, Your Health

Once proper alignment of your upper cervical spine is attained, there is an immediate physiological change that takes place within your entire body. This incredible alteration in the neurological process is what creates a balanced musculoskeletal platform–including correcting posture, providing you with a level stance, and symmetrical shoulders and hips. In turn, many symptoms are alleviated, and many more health concerns are resolved.

We have created a huge advantage in being able to not only easily restore the alignment of any other joints that have moved out of place in your body, but also now have a much greater opportunity for them to remain properly aligned—keeping you out of our office!

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