We provide advice on proper nutrition and provide access to the supplements needed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy requires more than a healthy spine, although it does help! For complete wellness to be achieved or even within reach, regular exercise, a healthy diet, and healthy lifestyle habits are also required. Sometimes, this includes complementing our diet with supplements and vitamins when our regular diet does not meet the needs of our bodies.

If you are concerned about whether you are getting all of the nutrients you need to stay healthy or are interested in exploring adding supplements to your diet to further your health goals, speak with Dr. Lambert or Dr. Morris today about the available products and which is best for your wellness plan.

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We carry several popular products in our office to provide our clients with quick and easy access and allow patients to place additional orders through our online store to have the products they need delivered straight to their home.

We currently utilize the following online stores for patient ordering. For more detailed information and to review the available products, you can click on the images below to review each online store.

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Wellevate is a premier online supplement dispensary provided by authorized physicians to their patients for ease of online ordering of recommended supplements and nutrients. Wellevate provides access to over 300 supplement brands—fully stocked and ready to ship to your door. Patients can set up their own log in and password on the wellevate.

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