When movement in the human body is impaired, a development of compensation patterns and muscular imbalances arises. If this impairment is left uncorrected, this can lead to chronic aches and pains and even injuries in the future. Sadly, most treatment approaches in today’s modern medicine overlook the dysfunction and look only at the area of pain.

Rather than waiting for your body to break down, we administer a comprehensive analysis of your body’s biomechanical movement patterns which are needed for normal function. This analysis helps us to identify where the movement deterioration is located. These movement pattern breakdowns are a common cause of pain and can lead to injuries in the future—if they haven’t already.

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Selective Functional Movement Assessment™

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The movement analysis is based on the principles from the Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA)™. This system is currently used as a screening tool for the NFL, MLB, NHL, as well as a variety of other professional sports. These screenings are also helping our community by training local fire and police departments.

Selective Functional Movement Assessment™ consists of 7 different movement tests that are designed to identify possible movement dysfunctions. By identifying patterns between specific movements and pain that generates during or after completing a movement, we can isolate specific areas of the musculoskeletal system for re-education.

These assessments can help identify musculoskeletal impairments and dysfunctions that are unrelated to a patient’s initial complaint but are actually the underlying cause or a major contributor to the resulting pain and discomfort.

Once a targeted area is acquired for re-education, applications of manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and chiropractic adjustments may be recommended as part of the treatment plan.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to perform at an elite status or having problems with the most basic activities, improving the quality of your life starts here!

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