Sciatic nerve pain can be unilateral, in that it only affects one side of the body, or bilateral, a less common condition in which both sides of the body feel pain emitting from the sciatic nerve. Most sufferers of sciatic nerve pain report pain that radiates from their lower back and buttocks, down their leg and to their toes. Treatment for sciatic pain is limited to defensive options – hot and cold therapy, medication, and sometimes surgery. Another option growing in popularity is Upper Cervical Treatments. These treatments can help reduce the pain intensity and how often episodes happen without any pharmaceutical intervention, taking treatment to offense mode.

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But what is Upper Cervical and how does it help reduce or relieve sciatic nerve pain better than other treatment options?


Upper Cervical Care is the treatment of the upper vertebrae of the spine, specifically the top two vertebrae in the neck, called the Atlas and the Axis. When these vertebrae are out of alignment, the posture of the body is altered; the head is no longer sitting center on the vertebrae and is constantly in a shifted position. Hips can become twisted and legs can overstretch to compensate for the altered posture, which can lead to stress on joints and pain.

Pelvic distortion is one of the major underlying causes of sciatic pain because when the pelvis is twisted or tilted, it places stress and pressure on the sciatic nerve and can cause pain, spasms, and inflammation in the area. When the upper vertebrae are corrected, the realignment not only corrects issues in the neck but also throughout the body. The hip no longer needs to compensate with twisting or tilting and the pressure lifts from the sciatic nerve. As a result, patients who undergo upper cervical treatment report having fewer episodes and less painful spasms.

If you or someone you know suffers from sciatic or chronic pain, reach out to us to schedule an upper cervical treatment to stop or reduce your pain.

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