We take an integrative, whole body approach to improve and restore your health. We use a wide range of different chiropractic, physical retraining, myofascial, and neurological techniques to achieve our results.

Where some healthcare practitioners decide to narrow their primary focal point of treatment within the human body to certain isolated areas in an effort to provide corrective treatment of bodily dysfunction within that region, we take a broader holistic approach. Our goal is not simply to focus on a single, or a limited amount, of areas of your body but rather to promote full body health and healing.

Natural Healing Chiropractic Corrections, Tampa, FL

Our Belief

We firmly believe that the human body is vastly intertwined through a network of muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments that create a system that moves together both dependently, as one complete unit, and independently. As a result, afflictions can wreak havoc throughout your whole body—not just in a particular area. And reversely, healing in one area can resonate healing throughout your whole body.

This is why it is our principle belief that creating an ideal functioning body in motion requires the treatment of every joint from head to toe. We utilize several different methods (activator, chiropractic manipulations, rehabilitative exercises, functional movement re-education, etc.) in properly restoring the correct alignment of all the joints and muscles within your body.

Understanding this principle, that our entire body is connected, can help explain why you develop hip or low back pain over several weeks after breaking a bone in your foot. To prevent applying pressure to your broken foot, you compensate and adapt to a new way of walking—but this new walking method is not how you are supposed to be functioning, which is why the pain from a broken foot is able to spread to your hip and back.

Natural Healing Upper Cervical Care, Tampa, FL

Your Treatment

chiropractic treatment plan for injuries and pain

We create each patient’s treatment plan based on achieving and restoring the body to its natural form. Attaining proper joint function along with retraining proper muscle function is what allows our patients to not only reduce or eliminate their pain but also prepare the body for long term stability. This enables our patients to achieve full recovery, staying out of our office and most importantly out of pain.

We’re dedicated to our patients getting better which means we will help you discover which treatment plan is best for you—even if that means we determine the issues causing your health problem can be treated more effectively by or in coordination with another doctor. We make certain our patients get results, even if it takes a village!

Your relief starts here.

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