Where can I reorder my supplements from?2019-07-24T11:05:36+00:00

You can reorder your Wellevate products here and your LifeVantage products here.

Do you accept insurance?2019-07-25T10:44:02+00:00

While we don’t directly accept any insurance plans, we do provide patients with a superbill which lists all services provided and the codes needed for the patient to submit to their insurance company for personal reimbursement.

How much does a visit cost?2019-07-25T10:41:16+00:00

ADULTS (13+)

New Patient Evaluation:                      $225

Initial Adhustment Costs:     $100

Atlas (C1) Percussive Sound Wave Adjustment


Chiropractic Follow-Up Visits:     $85

C1 adjustment is              $100

X-Ray Cost        $35



Under 2 years old:                           FREE

New Patient 2-12 years old:        $150

Follow ups for 2-12 years old:     $42.50

How many adjustments will I need?2019-07-22T10:56:56+00:00

The number of visits and corrections needed can vary on your ailment, extent of your misalignment, and your dedication to complete wellness. An estimate can be provided during your new patient evaluation appointment. With that said, it is our goal to get you back to health as quickly and in as few visits as possible. As much as we enjoy seeing our patients, we aim to keep them out of our office!

If the pain is caused by my chronic sickness, why am I getting an adjustment in my neck?2019-08-19T02:51:53+00:00

Misalignments can cause symptoms to present themselves or intensify symptoms that are already showing in patients with chronic illness. Chiropractic care focuses on the belief that when your spine and body are properly aligned, as they naturally should be, then your body will do what it is designed to do—heal itself.


Is upper cervical care or chiropractic care safe? Painful?2019-07-22T10:54:57+00:00

This is a common misconception and NO, it does not hurt. Chiropractic manipulations are conducted by hands-on movements and therapies to readjust your spine, joints, or muscles. Upper cervical treatments are conducted with an advanced technological machine that produce and emit sound waves in order to make adjustments. Most patients don’t feel anything during this procedure.

What are your office locations/hours?2019-07-25T10:56:41+00:00

We currently serve patients in the Brandon and Tampa areas out of our two office locations:

Tampa Office                                                                                     Brandon Office

(813) 655-2829                                                                                   (813) 655-2829

4017 Henderson Blvd.                                                                    342 E Bloomingdale Ave

Tampa, FL 33629                                                                               Brandon, FL 33511

Mondays 8:30am – 4:00pm                                                          Tues. & Wed 8:30am – 4:00pm

Tuesday-Sunday CLOSED                                                              Thursday 8:30am – 3:00pm

Friday-Monday CLOSED                                                                Friday-Sunday CLOSED